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Dream Big and Live Bigger

So, I’ll admit I really am that person who -actually- believes what her horoscope says. Sometimes I’m skeptical because yes, just like most meteorologists, they get it wrong; however, it’s kind of scary how lined up this month has been to its prediction.

Not only did I have a Shaw-shanked Celebration (my birthday) and it was pretty much the best one I’ve had since my grandmother passed away in 2010, I premiered in Cincinnati, but I also quite possibly earned the chance at having my work shown in Times Square. On top of that, I’ve been working as the on-set photographer for another music video that I am -really- excited to see the outcome of; but to top it all off, after two years of wanting it, I have the job with Amazon I’ve been dreaming about since I realized it was an option. With a little perseverance (and a few emails with reminders of my qualifications), I signed the pay roll papers last week. -Knock on wood.- As excited as I am, I’m really grateful for everything that’s happened to me this month because I had no idea it would happen at all, let alone so fast, at one time, and exactly when I needed it.


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